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Been a long time since I posted. Had been busy with hospital and realized I have been neglecting the blog.. So hereforth I have decided to quite regular on in here too 🙂

The days in hospital have been gruelsome seeing the deliveries and other problems and just as I am writing I am thinking of this particular patient who disturbs my thoughts, so I might as well share about her to you all.

So, here is this lady who comes in pregnant for the second time, the first being a C- section 2 yrs ago because of her failing to progress in labour and fetal distress. There are set ups where they still do give trials for a previous C section but not in ours according to the guidlines recommended. Previous C section holds risks for the uterus to rupture during those trials of labour patient might get into due to those intense contractions acting upon your previous stitch on uterus. So its basically not safe to try for normal delivery after you have had a C Section just some years back. So, coming to this lady; her first child was a caring little girl who hovered around her mom all the time, and we give her a date for admission to post her for an Elective LSCS as she was already 37 wks and 5 days . They were one of those who strictly believed in astrology, dates , time, etc. They wanted the baby out after 2 1/2 wks because of their astrology which would have been pretty late and we had to convince them of the risks involved . They agreed for the next day as we suggested after a long talk  but still the astrology part remained and now they wanted the baby out early morning 8:00- 8:30 am and wanted us to note the exact time in seconds when the baby comes out.

So we agree to their request and the surgery is planned and everything goes as planned, and we deliver a beautiful baby girl at 8:25 am by C- Section. The baby cries and we hand her over to the paediatrician who takes the baby into his care, wraps her into a clean cloth and brings her to the mother to show this cute little gift of God. The mother acknowledges and we proceed to the rest of the procedure. And then our Senior doctor washes off to congratulate the mother after surgery and finds her sobbing !! On confronting she cries inconsolably , saying she wanted a boy and that the astrologer had said she will be getting a boy this time.

She neglected the baby for a few hours after the operation and gloominess prevailed her face. It was disheartening! Subsequently she did take the baby in her hands, but not with the happiness you expect out of a mom.

There was one more patient, a Muslim, I had come across a few months back, who had 2 girls and she delivered a girl 3 rd time too. This one did not look at the child for about 2 days until we had to force her to breastfeed the child for child’s health. Where she was so adamant about not holding the child, her family was pretty open minded and were consoling her. It was nice to see a family who loved girls. They went on to say her about the blessings a girl brings in house and how they; no matter what always remain a priced treasure for parents who takes care of them in their old age. A Muslim father gets rewarded with Paradise for raising up 2 or more girls with all good morals and behaviour, and this was what the family explained to her.   It was beautiful.

Why does a boy child seem so important still in some families. The women go on getting pregnant and affecting their health in want of a single boy. It’s a child afterall..! And what should matter is that you are lucky to have one, there are families undergoing repeated IVF treatments to be blessed with even one child atleast. Its when you don’t have , you realize the worth! This is something we come across quite often in hospitals , but all I wanted to convey was that be happy you are blessed to have a child when many don’t. Thank God for this happiness and He will make your children the source of your peace and happiness.

Stay blessed.

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